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SEO: The Truth No One Wants To Hear

Is it possible to rank the first page on Google overnight?  Let's find out! If you're wondering why SEO is everywhere now, it's because everyone wants to get their website ranked on Google's front page.  In the digital marketing realm, first-page results are hard to attain.  Even when utilizing SEO's best practices, this space is usually disputed by the industry's biggest companies.  Is it even realistic to expect first-page results overnight?  Plan For Consistent Improvement: Not Overnight Success The problem here is the timeline.  It's quite possible to rank the first page on SERPs, but it does take time for things to reciprocate.  Even after you make the improvements, Google has to notice your website changes before giving it any earned domain authority or page ranking.  How Long Does It Usually Take To Start Seeing SEO Results? There are a lot of factors that go into ranking on first-page SERPs.  In fact, there are different kinds of SEO, too.  On-page SEO deals wit…
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Sales Declining? Don’t Discount. Do This.

We've all seen our share of economic turbulence.  People are quitting jobs in record numbers.  The economy has seen better days.  But in the midst of this current recession, what does your sales strategy look like? Discounts.  Promotional offers.  Buy One Get One Free!  

If you named any of those, then you should continue reading and find out why it's not beneficial to offer discounts or promotional offers during hard times.  There is some valid psychology behind this.

  Discounting Sets a Pattern of Behavior I know it seems harmless, right?  Twenty percent off for just this week doesn't seem like it would hurt at all.  Chances are it won't hurt every now and then, but using it in general to offset sales is typical not the answer and can potentially wreak havoc later on down the road.  The outcome can be debated, but more than likely, your customers will start expecting discounts.  And if you stop offering discounts sudde…
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The Four C’s of Digital Marketing

After doing a lot of research, I’ve come to the realization that everyone has their own unique view on what the 4 C’s of digital marketing is all about.  I didn't have any luck finding an "across-the-board" solution, but what I did notice is a common theme.  Included in this article are certain things I've noticed everyone doing, and I hope some of you can take real value away from this post and apply it to your next marketing strategy.  The following four concepts may help make or break your next digital marketing strategy.  I'd love to hear your results!  Customer   Customers are what drive your company’s revenue, so it only makes sense to start here.  What is driving your customer to find you?  What problem do they have that you can solve?  Sounds a lot like “going back to the drawing board”, and well, it is!  The fundamental things that relate directly to your customer base are important to your marketing strategy.  This is where building a relationship with your …
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