We’ve been talking a lot about Google’s new page experience update and what that means for most business owners on the web.  If you’re not concentrating on user experience in 2021, your website traffic will reflect it.  It’s not a bad thing, though.  Google’s algorithm of delivering relevant search results will now score websites based on “page experience” or how the user interacts on your website.  That means websites really have to focus on good content and deliver it to users in a way that’s enjoyable and functional.  That slightly levels the playing field, giving the small guys a chance to rank higher.  But how?

Competition never looked so easy.  

As long as your website is designed well, responsive, and has relevant content, Google will consistently index your website above the rest of your competitors.  That’s extra important if you’re just starting out or new to marketing.  

If you’re like most business owners, you’re always looking for new ways to drive business and sales.  But it’s hard to know what to focus on the most.  Is advertising the most prominent focus of your marketing campaign?  Is engagement increasing with your audience and producing new likes and shares?  Everyone tackles a campaign differently, but is there a way to optimize your efforts without losing traction?  Of course!  And by the end of this article, you will see how Google’s new update is a perfect chance for you to optimize your website and deliver relevant results that will increase your traffic and engagement.  

Why Sharing The Same Post Is A Bad Habit.

Everyone has seen it.  The same post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Oftentimes, it’s easy to share the same post to multiple social media accounts at the same time.  How else will you keep your accounts active and stay on top of engagement with your audience?  

It doesn’t take long to realize that sometimes posts will look distorted across different platforms.  Instagram uses hashtags that only convert well on certain platforms.  Twitter and Facebook’s image requirements are different.  So you’ll start to see how things can get awkward if you get into the habit of sharing from other accounts.  Instead, try making a few edits to the same post for each social account.  Twitter has increased its character limit to 280, but that still might not be enough if your post is too long.  Summarize it with a video, image collage, or unique post.  It might take a little extra effort on your part, but it will deliver an authentic and active representation of your business.  


Should I Focus On Advertising or Engagement?

Both!  It takes an equal amount of both advertising and engaging with your audience.  I know it sounds easier to throw money at Google and wait for leads, but the reality is that most people that start a new business will require MORE active engagement to generate traction.  


But What If Content Isn’t My Thing?

You don’t have to create a lot of content or anything too flashy.  Upload pictures of recent projects, but make them different across all social media accounts.  Ask your users to comment and engage with your post.  Giveaways and contests are great ways to persuade your audience to interact and engage.  

If creating content and engagement is something you would rather hire for, I know some great experts at Bay Cities Radio.  Make your website mobile-friendly, relevant, and SEO-friendly in 2021, and follow along with our blog as we introduce a new blog series coming out soon.  We’ll go over the importance of seeking out your customers before they find you!  

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