If your business provides a product or service to your local community, local SEO is a great way to enhance your marketing plan.  Most brick-and-mortar businesses focus on traditional marketing, but can local SEO provide unique benefits?  Follow along as we break down what local SEO is, and the value it can bring to your marketing plan.

Local Intent Drives Traffic


It’s not surprising, but almost a third of consumers search locally for a business at least once a week.  Terms like “near me” and “where to buy” are increasing, according to Google.  Creating a blog about your service or product gives your website credibility and more importantly, something for Google to rank in the search results.  Of course, the more relevant the blog content is, the better Google will score your website ranking.  

Content That Generates Local SEO

Covering local events in your community is a perfect example of content that generates organic local SEO results. If you’re in the need for ideas, check out your local community’s event organizer and pick an event that’s already popular.  Write a quick, informative article and use keywords for local searches.  This can give your content an edge against the competition, even outranking paid advertising in some cases!

Keywords for Local Results

If your business serves the local community, your keywords should incorporate the area, service, and relative search term used to find your product or service.  This is called, “Service in Location”, and most people use this when conducting a local search.  Of course, this shouldn’t be the only keyword or keyphrase that you use, but it’s definitely going to bring local results.

Before you kickstart your next marketing campaign, take a look at the state of your website’s SEO.  Are you using the right keywords to generate local traffic?  

In Conclusion

Not everyone will need to focus on local SEO, but if you’re providing a service or product to your local community, I would recommend reading more on it.  We’ll cover more on it later down the road, so if you haven’t yet, sign up and keep up with the latest marketing tips and trends.

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