When a customer recognizes your brand or remembers the slogan, what makes your brand familiar to them?  In this article, we’ll cover the basics of how design can affect your brand and just how important certain aspects of design are to the overall brand image.  Follow me, and let’s talk business and design.


How do business and design connect and interact? 


Business and design connect on several levels, but one important fundamental to cover is language.  Language is super important.  It’s one of the tools used to convey your brand’s message, and the words you choose, matter.  Have an expert hair and makeup website, for example?  Knowing the terminology used in the fashion industry is key to delivering the message in a perceivable way.  Most fashion experts will recognize this, and it will only add weight and value to your message. 


Words and pictures create visual communication.  Mastering the use of both will require a lot of experience and trial-and-error.  It’s not an overnight process and often comes with experimenting outside of the box.  However, once your brand strategy is developed, those words and images will come together with clever typography, well-written copy, and pictures that support what the copy is conveying.  


How do design and business connect though?  What value does writing or creative content have on a company? 


Creative content helps to engage your user base.  In order to get them involved, get creative with posts, images, and content.  Of course, if you have a creative side and a little extra time, there are tons of apps on the market for creating quick, engaging posts.  Otherwise, hiring a graphic designer who understands the current design trends will help your post stand out amongst social media platforms and increase the chances to go viral.  Having the right combination can have an effective impact on the amount of engagement and interaction your website receives.  This is where social media marketing can be effective.  


Where does design connect with a business?  Branding.  


Branding is a result.  A customer’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company.  A brand is like a business reputation.  What is the result of the customer’s purchase?  What did they take away from doing business with your company?  These are the questions behind brand development.  The result of a great design will bring all of these elements into focus, ultimately converting your website visitors into loyal customers of your brand.  It takes time to develop a brand, so don’t rush into expecting immediate results, but with the right brand strategy, design can go a long way in helping you develop a lasting brand that sells itself. 


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